Mondays in the Sun

Mondays in the Sun

After the closure of the shipyard in Northern Spain, a former workers: Reina, José, Lino, Amador, Sergei and Also Santa Stay Connected . They meet mainly at a pub owned by their former colleague Rico. Santa could be this group's unofficial leader and also the confident. A court instance hangs him over relating to some shipyard lamp he smashed during protest. José is sour if he isn't that his wife Ana, can be required. The gap between them is expanding and he is fearful that she will leave him. Despite legs, Ana endures night moves at a fish factory and believes her looks are lost. Maybe not everybody seems to agree including her boss. Linoan aging family person pursuing places beyond his qualifications. The earliest member of this band has degenerated into alcoholism after being left by his own wife. Maintaining an extremely transparent pretense that his wife will soon return from holiday.

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