Banana Joe

Banana Joe

Bud Spencer plays Banana Joe, a brawny yet friendly man who lives in a little rain forest village named Amantido with a enormous number of their or her own children and regularly delivers bananas to some South American river interface (thus his name). The henchmen of a neighborhood gangster manager called Torsillo come ashore in Amantido to initiate the structure a banana processing plant 1 evening. Needless to say, Joe (in typical direct-approach manner) evicts that the goons, who promptly return with their manager. Torsillo discovers that Joe decides to harness it and is trading bananas. Upon his next shipping, Joe is apprehended by law enforcement and given the option of getting his ship or acquiring a permit that was legal and himself detained for shipment. Joe travels since he climbed up from the rainforest, to the city, which is really just a fresh world.
Duration: 96 min
Country: Germany, Italy

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